Classes Offered



The Compassion Center offers the following classes:

Anger Management

Do you frequently respond inappropriately, lashing out with anger in your relationships, your work-place and even with strangers (think road rage)? Does your anger cause you significant problems with those you love and work with?

Meet individually with a trained caregiver who can assist you in sorting out the root cause of your anger and help you find pro-social, biblical ways to deal with anger, bitterness and frustration.  Call 541-523-9845 to schedule an appointment.

Learning to Change

Does your behavior cause significant problems in your relationships, work place and even with the legal system? Do you need an attitude adjustment?

This class is designed to help you readjust your thinking, which in turn will alter your behavior. You will meet one-on-one with a trained staff person who will help you discover your core beliefs and make the adjustments necessary to improve your relationships and get along in society.


“How to Make Your Child Mind Without Losing Yours”—a six week course that will introduce you to parenting and give you the basics. This class takes the place of the manual that didn’t come with your child!

Domestic Violence Intervention Class

DVIP Counselors Kevin Dyke, Lillian Terry, and Steve Terry(Cliff not pictured)

DVIP Counselors Kevin Dyke, Lillian Terry, and Steve Terry(Cliff not pictured)

A biblical based 52 week class based on the scriptures and TruThought Corrective Thinking methods. Participants learn how to discover the core beliefs that are at the base of every action they take and then how to choose to replace that belief with a healthier one that will meet their needs over time.

They also learn how to identify Thinking Barriers and Time Bomb Tactics that interfere, damage or destroy their relationships. Once identified, they can choose to replace those thinking barriers with Responsible Thinking and not use the Time Bomb Tactics to control every situation.

As their thinking improves they learn how to Stay on Track in order to live responsibly and restore the relationships that are important to them.