One-on-one Christian Caregiving

Fifteen Individuals, representing community churches and agencies, attended “Caring for People Gods Way” Care-Giver training January-March, 2014.  The materials were provided through the American Association of Christian Counselors. The classes were facilitated by trained care-givers, Ian Howarth, Billie McClure, Dick and Jarri McClarin, and Kimberly Hughes.

Subjects covered included substance abuse, ethics, marriage, divorce, sexuality, grief, depression, anger management, and a wide variety of topics.  All participants completed the course and took the exams for the course.

The training will be repeated this fall. There is a cost to take the course. Contact Compassion Center Director Cliff Cole, if you would like to sign up for the course and make arrangements for payment at 541-523-9845.

“The topics covered are so timely,” says Jarri McClarin, “Everyone can benefit from the course. We all have people in our lives dealing with difficult issues and we are called to be salt and light.  I am proud of all these individuals who invested their lives in receiving help through this venue to see broken people healed and be better people helpers.”

Meet with a trained caregiver who can help you sort out life’s issues and suggest biblical and practical ways to deal with your problems. They also provide support and accountability, helping you discover more positive ways to deal with relationships and other concerns you may have in your life.

Call 541-523-9845 for a time to meet. Meetings are usually scheduled for 1 hour.