Prison Ministry


Prison Ministries


One on One call outs: Cliff Cole, Kevin Dyke, Steve Terry, Loyd Williams, and Jim Christian

Worship Leader: Gene Nelson

Worship Service: Ray Berryhill, Loyd Williams, Jim Christian, and Dave Curtis.

Restoration Ministries: Russ Brouer and Glen Boothby

Restoration Ministries

Restoration is a 16 session course offered to inmates at Powder River Correction Facility which is done in 8 weeks. We meet on Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings and have an average of 10 inmates during the course. We do 4 complete courses each year and inmates can go through it 4 times. It teaches them biblical principles of God’s way to live their life. I have enjoyed being a part of this ministry, each course is a new experience and great opportunity

Over-comers Outreach 12 step.: Steve Terry and Loyd Williams.

Bible Study: Kevin Dyke


One on One Call-outs: Cliff Cole and Kevin Dyke

Bible Study:  Kevin Dyke

Over-comers Outreach 12 step:  Kevin Dyke


Anyone can add a loved one or friend to our One on One Discipleship list who are in Powder River Correctional Facility, or Snake River Correction Facility.