Support Groups

The Compassion Center currently offers:/h1>

Restoration Ministries – A 16 week restoration program

Are you struggling with:

  • ANGER—Rebellion, violence, gang problems, physical abuse
  • RELATIONSHIPS—With parents, spouses, children. divorce, single parenting
  • SEXUAL ISSUES—Pornography, rape, sexual abuse, teen pregnancy, homosexuality, masturbation
  • ADDICTIONS—Drugs, alcohol, nicotine, gambling, food — anorexia, bulimia, overeating
  • EMOTIONS—Depression, fear, low self esteem, anxiety, worry, guilt, insecurity

Then welcome to Restoration Ministries! Restoration is twelve week long school that will help you overcome any and all of these things so that you can live the victorious life that you were created to live!   Visit their site for more program info.

Call us at: 541-523-9845 for info on your next meeting…